What does ´FormFox–Enabled´ Mean?

A FormFox–enabled site is a collection facility that is online with the FormFox system. It is free for collection sites to become a part of FormFox and, once they are online, gives them the ability to perform drug tests and other employee screening events online!

Of course the employee or donor must still be present for the test, but the amount of paperwork done by hand is significantly reduced if not eliminated. Not only do FormFox users waste less paper, but they also make fewer mistakes and are able to work faster. Collection information is sent electronically to labs and medical review officers alleviating the need to enter the collection information again into their system.

In order for a collection site to be able to locate and perform tests ordered by FormFox Order, the facility must already be set up as a FormFox–enabled site. The information entered at the time of order is shared with the FormFox system and will be instantly found when the Authorization Form is presented by the employee and scanned. Because both parties (your company and your collection site) both use FormFox, the entire process moves quicker and significantly reduces errors.