How It Works

FormFox Order is the fastest, easiest way for employers to order drug tests. The entire process happens online and in the end you simply hand your employee a form and off they go. And the best part is that it's free!

FormFox Order makes the entire ordering process a snap. In just FIVE quick and easy steps, your employee will be ready to go!

  • 1. Set up a free account with FormFox Order
  • 2. Choose the lab with whom you have an account (and account number)
  • 3. Fill out the order information complete with details about the donor
  • 4. Choose a collection facility that uses FormFox and schedule a date
  • 5. Print and/or email the authorization to the employee

The employee (or donor) then takes the authorization form to the specified collection site to complete the drug test. Meanwhile, the scheduled test appears in the pending section of your FormFox Order account. Real–time updates are available in the system and will show when the test has been completed.

Pretty simple, eh?