• Introducing FormFox Order!
  • FormFox Order is the fastest, easiest way for employers to order drug tests. The entire process happens online and in the end you simply hand your employee a form and off they go.
  • FormFox Order then becomes a portal where you can monitor the status of an ordered test from pending to complete. And, naturally, the best part is that our service is absolutely free!
Authorization Form

Part of the FormFox Order ease comes from a simple authorization form that is generated with every order. Simply email it to the donor (person being tested) or print it and hand it to them. Would you like to see the form? Click below.

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Instant Status Updates

There is a better way to monitor the progress of your drug tests. With FormFox Order, you can watch real–time status updates as your (potential) employees arrive at the collection site, check in, give samples and complete tests.

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Animated Video Walk-through

FormFox Order is the quickest easiest way to preorder drug testing events. To show how the process works and how simple it is to use, we've prepared a little animated demonstration of the how FormFox Order works.

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