The Path to Revolution

Eight years ago, FormFox founder, Eric Quilter, began working on what would eventually become one of the greatest advancements in the specimen–collection industry.

"The point of collection has been a weak link in the drug testing process for some time. Because of this, we have spent considerable time testing processes to alleviate the bottleneck," says Quilter, President of Compliance Information Systems (CIS), the company behind the development and hosting of FormFox and FormFox Order.

"The Internet has really changed the way information is collected, processed and distributed. We have been able to use this to our advantage with our experience in data storage and transfer. Once we came up with the innovative design for a new single–sheet, customizable form, we knew we could really streamline the process for collection sites. We also felt strongly in our development that this application needed to be designed with an open framework in order to really solve the issues related with collection sites having to work with multiple labs and multiple clients.

"We are both proud and excited to bring FormFox to the market."